Information Overload Day – Let’s Take a Break

Sunday, 10th October is Information Overload Day.

We live in a 24/7 world. What is the first thing most of us do when we can’t sleep? Pick up the smartphone and start absorbing information. Every day we have huge amounts of information thrown at us from TV, news, mobiles, internet, advertising, billboards and so much more.

Let’s all take a break from text messages, iPads, TVs, movies, social media, phone calls, computers and take a deep breath and enjoy our beautiful corner. We live on the Gold Coast – the best of the best, right!

I challenge all of you to unplug the TV, turn off the computer and put the mobile to sleep on Sunday. Gold Coast Kids will not be posting on this day, but we have great ideas for things to do on Sunday. Make your itinerary now!

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Picnic in a park
  3. Go to the Scarecrow Festival on Tamborine Mountain
  4. Visit a Zoo
  5. Watch the Schick Hydro Coolangatta Gold
  6. Have fun at a theme park
  7. At home activities
  8. See the junior Wave Warriors in action
  9. Attend the Koala Beach Community Day
  10. Shop at one of the great markets on that day

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