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Gold Coast Kids sent Kiera and her family to Zircus at Jupiters Hotel and Casino. This is what Kiera said about the experience.

So off we set driving to the Gold Coast form Brisbane, (40 mins) to Jupiter’s Casino to see Zircus. I was particularly excited as I heard it was a lot like Cirque de soleil which I love. My husband and kids didn’t have any expectations so were just excited to be going out for the night. Being one of the hottest nights in January we were looking forward to being in air conditioning. Parking was free, easy and accessible. The tickets were waiting at the box office for 7pm pick up and we just followed the signs to the red staircase. My children started to get excited when the maître d had little top hats and they got to try them on. Toilet stop done we got ushered in ready for the show to start at 7:30pm. After a minor mishap with my 5yr old spilling lemonade which was promptly cleaned up we were given cushions for both kids to sit on. This was very much welcomed and made a huge difference particularly when we were sitting behind a row of tall males. So make sure you ask for them if they are not offered.

As the show started the Zircus ringmaster “Z” came on, My 5 yr. old said, Is he the “Meany” mum, he speaks funny. He is very tall and at first is a little intimidating to young children but not scary. The show opens with so much eye opening performers; you hardly know where to look. Aerial artists, contortionists, dancers and much more. My kids where transfixed and totally amazed the whole show. They both clapped ,cheered and asked many times over “How do they do that “.When I asked Zane (8yrs) what his favourite thing was, He quickly said the motorbikes in the cage, Awesome”  – my Hubby also agreed. When asking Lahanna (5yrs) the same question she said the Hula hoop man, so cool, he must practice a lot “.

As a family outing I highly recommend it, it definitely is worth the money and caters to all ages and interests. Even my husband came away saying that was great and he isn’t usually a show person. A very professional, powerful, exciting, and mesmerising show.

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