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The following question was asked on Facebook by a Gold Coast Kids mum with responses from the community.


Hi there, I am just wondering if there is any type of martial arts programs for my four yr old on the Gold Coast? I live north of Gold Coast. Either martial arts, karate or anything similar. Thanks. Any help is appreciated.


  • Absolutely! Kansai Karate at the Gold Coast is brilliant. My family are all involved at the Brisbane dojo and the sensei is amazing. Michael Hunt is the sensei on the Gold Coast and he too is amazing. It’s such a great program and once the kids do it then the parents want to do it too!
  • Southern Cross Martial Arts is an awesum school
  • Arakan Martial Art
  • Aarakan martial arts does programmes for young kids – google them, they could be in your area – its more of a self defence and they base their teachings on respecting other people and understanding them
  • I recommend Arakan Art.
  • Kan Karate have an amazing dojo on Siganto drive in Helensvale, their karate tots class starts at 4 I believe. Amazing school!
  •  Try your nearest PCYC – my son did their Martial Arts program and loved it- low cost, and commitment is totally up to you so no wastage of money if they can’t attend due to illness etc!!
  • Can I ask any recommendations for the southern end of the GC …thanks
  • Toya Kan Higashi Katate Club, Siganto drive, Helensvale! Largest non-profit club in Qld with experienced and caring instructors.. My son and I both attend and we love it
  • Higashi Karate Club

    Karate is a great way to get or keep fit, learn to be disciplined, respect other

  • My kids go to southern cross martial arts at helensvale too. My husband trains there as well.
  • Mason @arakan martial arts is awesome for kids !!
  • Southern Cross Martial Arts Centre has a 3 & 4 year old program along with a number of other age specific programs. First two lessons are free and no lock in contracts
  • My daughter started at Toya Kan Higashi Karate Club last year when she was four, and the positive changes in her confidence and self-discipline were astounding!! I was so impressed that I also joined as an adult beginner (despite my lack of fitness and co-ordination, lol). We love our club have both made wonderful friends. We train in Helensvale and in what is considered to be most authentic Japanese Dojo in the country, the instructors are amazing – Sensei Paul is the Head coach of the Australian Martial Arts team, and Sensei Monique (who is the instructor for the little ones) is an awesome black belt with an Early Childhood tertiary qualification. I cannot recommend them enough.
  • Upper coomera community centre do tae Kwan do
  • National tae kwon do! sooo good classes all over the coast n only place that took my 4 year old as other ones wouldn’t take them till 5 just find your instructor that u feel suits your child
  • Great one in oxenford just down from McDonalds on the helensvale side – siganto drive
  • We use national tae Kwon do at the community centre, discovery drive thur 5.45pm but they have a weekend class on siganto drive.
  • Paradise point community hall has classes on
  • National Tae Kwon Do has a popular program for kids of various ages. They hold classes all around Gold Coast.
  • My 3yr old daughter does karate classes at her Kindy (Helensvale)… She loves… Teacher is superb…. If you interested inbox me and I’ll give all details…
  • I agree, my daughter does the same-mini karate- she loves it and teacher is amazing with the kids.
  • I would recommend yin yang Taekwondo, brilliant with little ones. Have a specific class for younger ones called tigers.
  • Combined martial arts at nerang. Fantastic place.
  • Our 4 year old was doing Taekwondo at Yin Yang Taekwondo at Paradise Point and they were great with the young ones
  • Pumma & reddy creek is great! It’s MMA…!
  • We take our boys to National Tae Kwon Do, they have classes Mon at Hope Island, Tues at Oxenford, Wed at Parkwood, Thurs at Helensvale and Sat morning at Helensvale so lots to choose from.
  • My two sons do Rhee Tae Kwondo at Pacific Pines and they love it. They have classes all over the Gold Coast including Coomera and PAC Pines. They have a Facebook page, and their first two classes are free!
  • Tang Soo Do Karate Gold Coast
  • My daughter goes to Moon Lee Taekwondo at Jubilee Primary School – I cannot say how wonderful it is and how delightful the teacher is – I would recommend it to anyone. They train Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:45pm in the hall – I think heir first night back is 22nd January??

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  1. Matthew Kinstler

    i came across your website and thoughts it would be a good idea to contact you about the kids classes Rakuen Judo Academy offers…

    There is also a report on the home page to help parents understand the benefits training provides.

    Kind regards
    Sensei Matthew Kinstler


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