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Begin Bright is a school readiness program designed in Australia to prepare children for the Australian education system.

We deliver lessons that are fun and engaging so children don’t even realise they’re learning. The come for one hour, learn a lot and then feel smart and confident when they start school.

Our customers come to us for a quality education program that their children will enjoy. It’s affordable and makes a huge difference to a child’s life.

The facts:

  • Begin Bright is a fun and educational program to make children feel great.
  • Begin Bright creates happy, smart and confident children through school readiness and primary tutoring.
  • Children in school readiness classes learn letter sounds and numbers to build a good foundation to learning before they start school.
  • Once children start school, if they’re aware of the basics, they have a huge head start and that confidence sticks right through school.
  • Begin Bright is an Australian company with centres throughout the country.

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