10 Days of Valentines | Day 3 Crystallised Hearts

This craft idea for Valentine’s Day is perfect if you have a little scientist in the house. Make sparkly, crystallised hearts with pipe cleaners, paddle pop sticks, empty jars, and borax (which is usually found in the laundry aisle at the supermarket), and hang them in your window to catch the light.

This activity will take a little planning as you’ll need to let the crystals form overnight. Mum or dad, or any responsible adult will have to help with the boiling water and the handling of the borax, but the hearts can be made by the kids and the various parts tied together easily by young children. If you don’t like the idea of using borax, you could also try using salt to make the crystals instead. If you do use salt, you may need a couple of extra days for the salt crystals to form.

This is another idea that can easily be used for other events through the year: make snow flake crystals for next Christmas, sparkly chicks for Easter, or even sparkling vampires for Hallowe’en. 😉

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