Queensland Maritime Museum

There’s something for everyone at the Queensland Maritime Museum in Brisbane. Situated at the southern end of the Southbank Parklands precinct, the museum is approximately 1 hours’ drive north from Surfers Paradise. Children’s admission tickets start from $6, making the Queensland Maritime Museum a low cost destination for a day out with your Gold Coast Kids.

Ships at the Qld Maritime Museum

Featuring a huge array of engaging nautical exhibits, the Queensland Maritime Museum focuses on Queensland’s rich maritime history and displays a sizable collection of marine craft. Get up close to and even explore inside some vessels from the mighty ex-Royal Australian Navy ship the Diamantina to the Forceful, a powerful coal-fired steam tug that serviced the port of Brisbane for 45 years. Some ships are only open for public inspection on certain days, so please check the museum’s website before planning your trip with Gold Coast Kids.

The Qld Maritime Museum Library

An invaluable resource to historians, restorers and model-makers, the Maritime Museum’s library features a vast collection of historical books and documents that explore many aspects of the maritime heritage of Queensland. Gold Coast Kids will be amazed by the museum library’s photographic collection that contains around 15,000 images of boats, crew and passengers.

Displays at the Queensland Maritime Museum

From real lighthouses to guided tours of the dry dock that dates back to the early colonisation of Brisbane, the displays at the Queensland Maritime Museum are a must-see for ship and local history enthusiasts alike.  Displays featuring real working vintage engines and an impressive collection of models of sailing ships like the Bounty and the Endeavour are enhanced by artefacts from the ships themselves.

Queensland Maritime Museum’s Facilities

Volunteers are located throughout the Queensland Maritime Museum to assist you and to answer any of your questions. Whilst most of the grounds and exhibition spaces at the Queensland Maritime Museum have disabled and pram access such as ramp or lifts, access onto Diamantina is restricted to the main deck and no pram or disabled access is possible into the Dry Dock. A baby change room is also available for parents. Water and other cold drinks can be purchased at the museum’s entrance, however you will need to explore the plentiful options within the Southbank Parklands area for more substantial snacks or meals.

To plan your trip to the Queensland Maritime Museum, we suggest you take a look at their very informative website.

For more pictures of the Queensland Maritime Museum, you can find them on Gold Coast Kid’s Facebook Page.

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