Dressing Your Kids in Cosplay for Supernova

If you are going to Supernova this weekend on the Gold Coast I am sure you have a cosplay costume all picked out for the kids unless you are as disorganised as me and are now scrambling to put something together the night before! I found a great selection of ideas, some I have picked as easy options to create tonight and others are just plain awesome!

I could not honestly do a cosplay blog post without this adorable Chun Li from Street Fighter 2. This one is in the plain awesome, not going to happen by tomorrow category. (image found here)

Source: recipebyphoto.com
via Gold on Pinterest

Dr Who and Oswin. Super cute and easy to create with an adult jacket working as a trench coat and a kids suit for Dr Who and a simple dress for Oswin. Tomorrow is going to be a little warm so the Dr Who costume may need some adjustments for the weather. (image found here)



Your average geek parent should have a Mario or Luigi hat in the house, right? Oh, you don’t… just us then… ahem, well a red or green cap with a white cut out glued on might also do the trick. (image found here)



Continuing on the Mario theme, check this kid right in the awesome, not going to happen by tomorrow category. (image found here)



I don’t know if I could do this to my child, but I have to admit that this mini Dwight is hilarious and relatively easy to create. (image found here)


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