Would you like to be a Craft Buster? – CLOSED

You are scrolling through Pinterest and spot the perfect craft to try with your kids… Well perfect in theory. You ¬†follow the directions word for word and this is what you get:


Sometimes those craft instructions just don’t work and sometimes they need an adjustment or two to master the project. We want to test the best crafts on the Internet and help other parents complete the craft or file under ‘forget about it’.

If you love to

  • do crafts with your kids,
  • would like to have some fun testing craft instructions and
  • help other parents perfect the craft (or¬†run in the other direction)

then we would love to hear from you.


  • Strong written communication skills
  • Creative with a little problem solving to work around difficult instructions
  • Access to a decent camera or smart phone to take photos

Complete the form below to apply to be an official Gold Coast Kids Craft Buster.

Application Form



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