How To Make A Cloud

Get crafty with your Gold Coast Kids with 3 ideas to suit all budgets and skill levels. Make a cloud with your older Gold Coast Kids which requires a medium budget and skill level. Toilet roll stamping for all ages and budgets, and build a train with pasta for more advanced skills using a medium sized budget.

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How To Make A Cloud

Budget: Medium

Age group: Older Kids

Skill level: Medium

Time: A couple of hours + 24 hours drying time

Materials: Old sheet, balloons, sticky tape, flour, water, newspaper, pillow stuffing, and spray adhesive.

Instructions:  The Farm Chicks Blog

Paint stamp with toilet paper rolls

Budget: Low

Age group: All

Skill level: Easy

Time: Quick to set up

Materials: Paper, sissors, toilet paper rolls, paint

Instructions:  Getting Messy With Ms Jessi

Pasta Train

Budget: Medium

Age group: Older Kids

Skill level: Hard

Time: As long as it takes!

Materials: Glue, as many different types of pasta shapes and sizes as possible


(Photos from |  The Farm Chicks Blog | Getting Messy With Ms Jessi)

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