Weekly Activity Planner | Busy Kid

Weekly Activity Planner | Busy Kid

If you have children in your household, you will know how busy life can be.  The Busy Kid Weekly Activity Planner is fully magnetised and comes with 40 colourful activity magnets. All the most popular activities Australian Kids participate in are included, namely; dancing, swimming, football, netball, playgroup, dancing, nippers and so many more.

 It’s a fun and interactive way for you and your young children to plan the week ahead. It not only helps children associate days with activities, it also helps them develop age appropriate responsibility and organisation skills.

The Busy Kid Weekly Planner is suitable for children aged 3-8 years and is perfect for visual or preliterate children. Older children can practice their reading and spelling skills as they plan their week.

Busy Kid is an Australian family company. The planner has been developed by a mother who has young children and understands how hectic life with children can be.  The planner has been designed and manufactured in Australia. It adheres to all the Australian/New Zealand Safety Standards and is recommended for children 3 and over. Busy Kid develops its products with family fun, interaction and safety in mind.

We believe that children learn best when involved and when they play an active role in everything they do. Imagine your child preparing themselves and their gear before every activity!

The Activity Planner base board measures 340mm (wide) x 240mm (high). The activity magnets are printed onto one large sheet and can be pushed out individually when ready to for use.. Simply place them all on the fridge or other appropriate metal surface and watch the kids as they plan their week ahead!.

The Busy Kid Weekly Activity Planner and Magnets Pack retails for AUD $24.95 plus postage. Should you have more than one busy kid in your house, or if your child attends multiple sessions of one activity, you may need another set of activity magnets. The Magnets Only Pack retails for AUD $14.95 plus postage.

Order direct from www.busykid.com.au


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