Here’s to all the mums…

Whether you’re the newest mother

Of a peaceful small newborn

Or you’ve been around the block a bit

And your patience is well worn


This is the time to recognise

You’re giving them your all

You’re always ready to help them

To catch them when they fall


You help them find what they have lost

You’re there to hold their hand

They know that they can count on you

To help them understand.


You work to keep them healthy

Give support to help them grow

You help them learn by sharing

All of the things you know


So even if they’re too little

To show their gratitude

You need to know you’re everything

To that little gal or dude


Here’s to mothers everywhere

We’d like to raise a glass

To your strength, your dedication

And for doing it with class!


We hope that all of the families out there are taking the time to recognise and reflect on the amazing mothers or mother figures in their world today.

All of the commitment, energy, dedication and selflessness that you put in is not ignored or forgotten. Keep up the great work, mums!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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