Easy Easter Craft Ideas

If you have small children and would like to find creative ways to get them involved in the Easter spirit, try some of these fun Easter craft ideas.

Easter Cross

If you would like to teach your children the meaning of Easter while doing a craft activity, you can make an Easter cross. You can make a simple cardboard cross:


Or you can trace around a paper cross to make a colourful rays-of-light cross:

Easter cross

Easter Bunnies

Who doesn’t love the cute Easter Bunny? There are so many nifty ways to make one of your very own.

You can use paper plates to make a bunny basket:


Or make a footprint-eared bunny (or carrots):


You can make bunny clothes-pegs (pictured at top), and join them all together for a bunny bracelet.

You can even make one out of paddle pop sticks:



You can finger-paint carrots for your bunnies:

fingerprint carrots

Cute Chicks

Of course, another popular one at Easter is the spring-chicken. While Easter isn’t in spring over here, they’re still super cute and they’re the reason for all those chocolate Easter eggs you’re chomping on!

You can create some wine cork chicks, which could also be made with any other small round cylinder with a flat surface that you don’t mind getting paint on:


Or egg-carton chicks to gobble your Easter eggs:

easter egg carton

Easter Eggs

Speaking of Easter eggs, no Easter crafts list would be complete without some beautiful, colourful egg decorating!

You can paint an egg with pom poms:


Or you can use pretty paper strips to make an egg decoration:



Make a wooly easter lamb from your child’s own handprint:



These are all entertaining craft ideas that can be done with small children of various ages. Have fun creating and enjoy the long weekend with your family!

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