Australia Day On The Gold Coast 2014


Celebrate Australia Day by gathering family and friends at home or out and about. Looking for ways to celebrate Australia Day on the Gold Coast? We hope this blog gives you some ideas.

Australia Day Events

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Picnic at a Park, Playground or Beach

Have a picnic at your local park, enjoy the outdoors and let the kids run around and have a great time!

Find a popular park, playground or picnic spot.

Find popular beaches to visit.

What to Pack for an Australia Day Picnic

1. Food

Keep food simple. The simpler you keep food, the more time you have for fun, relaxation and games. A basic salad, bread rolls, sausages for the BBQ will keep the whole family happy. Pack easy snacks like chips, carrot sticks, or anything else grab-and-go. If there are no BBQs where you are planning to go make an assortment of sandwiches.

Pack an assortment of drinks including lots of water. Nothing better than cold water from the Esky on a hot summers day! Don’t forget eating utensils, plates, serviettes and cups.

2. Ice

Be prepared with ice packs and lots of ice to keep everything and everyone cool.

3. Camera

Take too many pictures and far too much video footage. Regularly swap who is behind the camera so the whole family is captured – mums your kids will appreciate photos of you!

4. Cleaning up

Take some garbage backs, wipes or paper towel to clean up. If the park is full the bins may full up too so you may need to take your rubbish with you. Keep our parks clean.

5. Blanket and Towels

Pack picnic blankets and towels to sit on. You may get lucky and find a picnic table, but best to be prepared for a picnic under a beautiful, shady tree.

6. Games

Here are some ideas for games to play for fun in the sun:

  • Soccer Golf
    Choose a target and players attempt to kick the ball and hit the target in as few kicks as possible.
  • Touch Football with a Frisbee
    Same rules as touch football but with a frisbee.
  • Water fight
    Come prepared with water pistols for an ultimate water fight!
  • Hide and Seek With a Twist
  • One person hides while the rest count with their eyes closed. Then, everyone searches to find the hidden person. When you find the person you hide with them, last person to find the group of hidden people hides for the next round.
  • Stuck in the mud
    This is a variation of tag – One player is It. The aim is for the person who is ‘It’ run around and tag as many people as they can. When the tag someone the person becomes ‘Stuck in the Mud’. The trick is that people ‘Stuck in the Mud’ can be freed by another not-tagged player crawling through their legs without being tagged themselves. Once everyone is tagged and ‘Stuck in the Mud’ with no one to save them the game is won.

7. Sunblock, Hats and Change of Clothes

Don’t forget to be sun safe and keep applying that sunblock! A change of clothes for the whole family is advisable especially if you have any water fights or running around the park.

Celebrating at Home

1. Food

Organise a traditional, simple to prepare lunch for family and friends with easy snacks and limited preparation time. Australia Day is all about family and friends so the less time in the kitchen, the better!

2. Activities

  • Keep Cool
    If you don’t have a swimming pool, find a clam shell or small paddling pool to keep cool. Just getting your feet wet can make a difference.
  • National Anthem
    Do you know both versus of the national anthem? See how many of your guests do and have some fun learning the words together.
  • Favourtie Things
    Talk about your favourtie things about living in Australia
  • Games
    If you have a back yard play any game from the suggested list under Picnics.
  • Plant Some Native Plants
    Visit your local nursery before Australia Day and ask for ideas on Australian Native Plants to grow in your garden

How Are You Celebrating Australia Day?

Share your ideas on how you are celebrating Australia Day in the comments!

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  1. Peter

    On this Australia Day i have enjoyed a lot with my family and I have played various water sports. I didn’t plan for a picnic but I planned a whole day out with my family and also I ate food at as it is a best place for water sports with food. Everyone and every place has celebrated Australia day the way they want to so as I.


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