Easter Food Ideas

It’s so easy to spend a fortune buying huge and colourful eggs to share with your family over the Easter holidays. Why not spend a little less money, and a little more time creating extra special treats with your loved ones?

A few potential cooking projects are listed below to help you get started.

Hot Cross Buns

Sure, they’re available in the supermarkets, but think of the satisfaction you will feel when eating your  own freshly baked Easter treat. This was you can adjust the level of fruit to just how you like it!


Try this hot cross bun recipe.

Easter Eggs in a Chocolate Nest

A nice, easy project and a lovely way of displaying your easter eggs. The crispy nest is sure to be a hit. (Pictured above)

Get the chocolate nest recipe.

Carrot Cake

Maybe all this talk about bunnies is a good way to get them eating some carrots… Or maybe you should just make it because it’s delicious.


Check out the carrot cake recipe.

Rabbit Cookies

To help you eat the carrot cake, we have these chocolate-filled sugar rabbits. Who am I kidding? They’re really just a nice, simple and really pretty Easter bunny idea.


Find out how to make the rabbit cookies.

Cheese Carrots

If you’re after something a little more savoury, these er.. carrots are a cute easter snack idea. A lovely and different take on the “rabbit food” idea, if you don’t feel like munching on real carrots.


Get the Cheese Carrots recipe.

Bow-Tie Bunny Toppers

If you’d rather a different kind of craft, why not try these bow-tie bunnies. You can attach them to a cake, use them to decorate your easter baskets, or you could lay them out as clues for the easter egg hunt… Either way, they’re a fun and creative project idea.



Once you’ve sorted out your snacks, perhaps you can brush up on our Easter egg hunt ideas?

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